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Icelandic Music Playlists

Iceland Music’s curated playlists give you an easy way to stay updated with the latest releases in Icelandic music. Updated weekly, you can be sure that your music doesn’t go stale.

This is what we do

Iceland Music is the music export office of Iceland. We facilitate the growth and development of the Icelandic music sector through building relationships between musicians and the various services that support their careers, such as festivals, PR and labels, and transnational promotion. Iceland Music also administers a number of export grants to Icelandic musicians which help them perform internationally.

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We pack a punch.

Icelandic musicians have made a name for themselves the world over. With a population of less than half a million, Iceland has the highest ratio of musicians to inhabitants anywhere in the world. And many of them are multitalented, too - singer-songwriters abound, alongside a multitude of producers, sound engineers, and composers. There’s no limit to what they’re capable of.


Gigs abroad EVERY YEAR

The small size of Iceland’s population is deceiving; Icelandic artists play well over 1000 international performances every year.

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Icelandic artists span all genres and styles. The DIY culture of Iceland’s musical scene means many artists are their own producers.

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With a wealth of management companies, promoters, festivals and labels, Icelandic businesses have never been more connected.

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Who we work with

Iceland Music’s partners range from governmental agencies to PPPs. We collaborate with international bookers in showcasing Icelandic acts at festivals, from Europe to North America with our sights on the world.