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Zoon Van SnooK - The Bridge Between Life And Death

May 12, 2013 at 3:43pm

Zoon Van SnooK's second album, inspired by and conceived in Iceland, 'The Bridge Between Life and Death', features a bevy of Icelandic artists including Amiina, Sin Fang and Benni Hemm Hemm.

The album is a collection of fragile electronica, found sounds, field recordings and collaborations. Van SnooK tells us: “I was able to collect recordings from the centre, port and outskirts of Reykjavik, and the surrounding South Western area. From national parks to canyons; from hot springs to glaciers; from folk songs to folklore... As well as the principal subject, all the glitch rhythms on the album are created from the unintentional background noise or static created whilst capturing it. It’s the musical equivalent of blasting meat off the bone with a high-pressure hose – nothing is wasted.

"The title comes from a bridge in Kópavogur that the locals call so because it has the nursing home on one side and the cemetery on the other. The album is themed around birth and death and each song is a chapter in the overall story, taking in sub-plots inspired by Greek/Nordic epic poetry; biblical tales; spirits; outlaws; and unique aspects of the terrain and indigenous animals."

The album’s Icelandic connection even extends to the artwork, a painting by Halldór Ragnarsson of Seabear produced especially to capture the spirit of the album.
One bonus ZvS track and a special remix from Ruxpin make up the digital package. The second single will feature Múm, Ulrish Schnauss and the venerable Paul Hartnoll.
The album is released on June 10th via Lo Recordings (Luke Vibert, Four Tet, Susumu Yokota...) in the UK, on K7! in the States and Kimi Records in Iceland.

Check out the beautiful first single, 'The Verge Of Winter'.