Funding Call For Hjaltalin-scored Silent Film

May 24, 2012 at 2:23pm

Bicephaly Pictures, an all-female independent film production company, is embarking on its first feature film in Iceland this summer: Days Of Gray. Days Of Gray is a modern day fantastical silent film, to be scored by the incredible orchestral pop band Hjaltalín.

The project is currently fundraising via Kickstarter - and the team have hit the near-halfway mark of $20,000. The deadline is Sunday, June 3rd 2012, 4 pm EST.
So far, film critic Carrie Rickey, independent filmmakers Jeremiah Zagar and Nancy O’Mallon and production designer Mark Friedberg, fashion designer Sarah LaFleur and poet Matthea Harvey, among others, have pledged their support to Days Of Gray’s Kickstarter.
The goal is to raise $50,000, which will go towards pre-production costs such as creating costumes, sets, props, location scouting, camera testing, casting and small salaries for the crew of 15. The rewards featured on Days Of Gray’s Kickstarter range from a Polaroid from the set, digital downloads of the film and soundtrack, and even an opportunity to come to Iceland and be an extra in the film! 
The team are planning to submit their film to music and film festivals all around the world next year once it’s completed in hopes of premiering it at Cannes, breaking the cycle of exclusively male directed films in competition at the French festival.
Void of most dialogue, Hjaltalín’s orchestral melodies will guide Days Of Gray’s narrative and, in true homage to silent cinema tradition, Hjaltalín will perform the score live at the premiere and many more screenings to follow.
For more information and to pledge, go here!