Latínudeildin - Latin Faculty

Latínudeildin - Latin Faculty

"Red hot and romantic latin music from Iceland".

This 2-CD album contains music by Ingvi Thor Kormaksson. CD-1: English lyrics by JJ Soul and one in Portuguese by Jussanam Dejah. CD-2: Icelandic lyrics written by various authors. Nine vocalists perform on the album, veterans like Gudrún Gunnars, Eivor Palsdottir and Thor Breidfjörd and younger generation jazz-singers like Marína Ósk and Erla Stefáns. The musicians include Jóhann Ásmundsson (of Mezzoforte) on bass who also engineered and mixed the album, Einar Scheving on drums, Vignir Thor Stefáns on kbs., Edvard Larusson (of JJ Soul Band) on guitar and Stefáns S. on saxophones who also produced the music.

Track #15, "The Image Of You" - nominated in Jazz category for the 2012 HMMA's (Hollywood Music in Media Awards).

Ingvi Thor has written music for 10 albums during the last 30 years as songwriter, four of which were co-written by JJ Soul from UK and performed by JJ Soul Band (also found on this website). Songs by Ingvi Thor can be also found on Icelandic and foreign sampler-CDs.

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