Festivals and events

Throughout the year, there are many fascinating music festivals and events in Iceland that serve as a great introduction to the diverse talent that is to be found in the country. Some even feature performances by select international acts and artists that are usually of the highest calibre. The following is a list of some of the main ones. If you have a festival you'd like to submit: contact us.


Name Website Date
Dark Music Days www.darkmusicdays.is January
Sónar Reykjavík www.sonarreykjavik.com/ February
Reykjavik Folk Festival www.folkfestival.is March
Battle of the Bands - Músíktilraunir www.musiktilraunir.is March
AK Extreme www.akx.is April
Tectonics www.tectonicsfestival.com April
Reykjavík Blues Festival www.blues.is April
I never went south www.aldrei.is April
Gardabaer Jazz Festival www.gardabaer.is/mannlif/menning/jazzhatid/ April
RAFLOST www.raflost.is May
Reykjavík Arts Festival www.artfest.is May
Reykjavík Music Mess www.reykjavikmusicmess.com May
Saga Fest www.SagaFest.is May
Breiðholt Festival https://www.facebook.com/breidholt.festival June
Vaka Folk Festival www.thjodlist.is/vakaen June
Reykjavík Midsummer Music reykjavikmidsummermusic.com/ June
IS NORD www.isnord.is June
Við Djúpið - Summer Courses and Music Festval www.viddjupid.is/ June
Secret Solstice www.secretsolstice.is/ June
JEA Jazz Festival www.jea.is June
Blue North Music Festival blues.fjallabyggd.is June
Kirkjubæjarklaustur Chamber Music Festival www.kammertonleikar.is/ June
Skálholt Summer Concerts www.sumartonleikar.is June
Folk Music Festival www.folkmusik.is/en July
Rauðasandur Festival www.raudasandurfestival.is July
All Tomorrow's Parties www.atpiceland.is/ July
Eistnaflug www.eistnaflug.is July
The Blue Church Concert Series www.blaakirkjan.is/ July
Extreme Chill Festival www.extremechillfestival.com July
Frum - Contemporary Music Festival www.frum-festival.com July
Lunga lunga.is/ July
Reykjavik Accordion Festival www.internet.is/accordionfestival July
Kexport kexland.is/kexcalendar/kexport-2015/?utm_content=buffer4437a July
Reykholt Music Festival www.reykholtshatid.is July
Bræðslan www.braedslan.is July
Neistaflug www.neistaflug.is July
Síldarævintýrið sildardagar.is August
Innipúkinn www.facebook.com/Innipukinnfestival August
Þjóðhátíð í Eyjum www.dalurinn.is August
The Icelandic Chamber Music Festival musicfest.is/ August
Pönk á Patró www.facebook.com/ponkapatro August
Cycle Music and Art Festival www.cycle.is August
Gæran www.gaeran.is August
Reykjavík Jazz Festival www.reykjavikjazz.is August
Tradition For Tomorrow www.tradition.is August
Reykjavik Cultural Festival menningarnott.is/ August
Melodica Acoustic Festival Reykjavik melodicafestival.org/ August
Night of Lights ljosanott.is September
Rokkjötnar www.facebook.com/Rokkjotnar October
Sláturtíð www.slatur.is/slaturtid/ October
Iceland Airwaves www.icelandairwaves.is November