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Rökkurró Lift The Lid On 'INNRA'

January 16, 2015 at 10:25am

Rökkurró, one of the 19 super-duper Icelandic acts featured at this year's Eurosonic, have been working hard and honing their sound for the past eight years, and with three albums under their belt, the latest, 'INNRA', represents a real, and joyous, departure for them. Guitarist / percussionist Axel took some time out from rocking and a-rolling to talk about their latest album, their tour, their favourite Icelandic acts and... what animal they would be. Read on!

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Júníus Meyvant - 'You're doing regular stuff, then magic happens!'

January 05, 2015 at 1:19pm

Júníus Meyvant. It's an unusual name but, mark our words, it won't be for long - this man is Iceland's next big thing, and he's joining a stellar cast of Icelandic talent for Eurosonic Noorderslag's Iceland Erupts extravaganza this month! He's had a hit with the gorgeous 'Color Decay' and is in the process of completing the album we're all waiting for. He's also a bit of an urban mystic. Well, don't just sit there, read on!

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It's Oyama In The Xmas Spotlight!

December 14, 2014 at 3:05pm

Ho Ho H'Oyama! Yes, we asked Father Christmas for an interview with these rising shoegaze stars and guess what? Christmas came early and the band's bass-maestro Bergur is HERE for a jolly chat to mark our final newsletter of 2014! Pull up a chair, throw another log on the fire and pour me an egg-nog, Mother! It's time to hear what's a-happening in the magical land of Oyama.

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Sólstafir - 'We Just Ride Into It Blindfolded'

December 01, 2014 at 3:27pm

Sólstafir are back in the IMX Spotlight - it's the piratical rock gods' 20-year anniversary together and not only have they an atmospheric, dramatic new album out, titled 'Ótta', which sees the group stretching their sound to stunning new lengths, but they have been confirmed for the 'Iceland Erupts' extravaganza at Eurosonic 2015 as well as Eistnaflug and Tilburg's unmissable Roadburn. We caught up with frontman Addi Trygvasson in the midst of the band's current tour and he told us all SORTS of interesting things - not least that they've been filming the thrills and spills of their two-decade career in rock 'n' roll and, as a result, there's a Sólstafir documentary on the cards...

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Fufanu - On Brink Of World Domination

November 13, 2014 at 12:44pm

For many of us, this year's Iceland Airwaves could be defined by one word: FUFANU. These rising Icelandic stars were formerly known as Captain Fufanu, and at the moment they added drummer Frosti Gnarr to the fold, dropped the 'Captain' and effortlessly changed their sound - from techno to dark, seductive, ambient rock - the key was turned and a rather special door flew open. And with their UK debut kicking off Friday night (November 14th) at the Ja Ja Ja Festival in London, a slot supporting Damon Albarn at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday (November 16th) and confirmation of their appearance at next year's Eurosonic, we think we can safely say that the future is bright - the future is Fufanu.

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Iceland Airwaves Boss Grímur Atlason Brings The Magic!

October 23, 2014 at 12:42pm

Unless you've been residing beneath a large rock, you won't need us to tell you that the super-duper festival Iceland Airwaves is just around the corner! The festival team are busy getting everything ready, the beers are chilling, the dancing shoes have been polished, the blue M&Ms have been removed from the rider and Reykjavik is ready to ROCK from the 5th until the 9th of November. We snuck backstage to have a chat with Iceland Airwaves festival manager Grímur Atlason, who filled us in on everything from the early days of Iceland Airwaves, the struggles of making up the original timetable and he also doled out some special tips for an unforgettable festival experience - our favourite being: keep your feet in order! Read on..

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Lily Of The Valley Take The Spotlight

October 17, 2014 at 12:00am

It's time for us to turn our IMX Spotlight onto super-cool up-and-coming Icelandic folk-poppers Lily Of The Valley. Their contemplative sound has drawn comparisons to Of Monsters And Men and Mumford and Sons, and their tunes have charmed some of the most influential scenesters on the Icelandic ... er... scene, and as a result their music has been played frequently on national radio, their gigs have been abundant and packed-out and their gorgeous song 'I'll Be Waiting' stayed in the national chart for eight weeks, peaking at number 13. There's a lot of love in Iceland for this lot. It's high time they were heard by YOU. Yes, YOU, the one reading this. So let's meet them, shall we?

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Kaleo - Eurosonic, Culture Night And Strong Liquor

October 07, 2014 at 1:22pm

Buzz band alert! Yes, we are turning our dazzling IMX Spotlight onto new rock 'n' roll hopes Kaleo - and believe us, it wasn't easy to pin these chaps down. After exploding onto the rock scene in Iceland, their sound has been taking over the Nordic territories and beyond - as a result, they're getting pre-tty busy. They're playing Iceland Airwaves, they've just been announced for the Eurosonic Noorderslag bill (in case you've been living under a stone, Iceland is next year's focus country at the showcase) and all sorts of other exciting things are afoot. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rock with Kaleo.

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Berndsen In The Spotlight

September 19, 2014 at 6:32pm

Synth superstar Berndsen is at the heart of the hip Icelandic music scene and he's the artist many a groover wants to work with - he's collaborated with the likes of Hermigervill, Thorunn Antonia and many others - and he has just launched a new project with Icelandic dance maverick Oculus (the new single 'Show Us' is synth-pop perfection). We caught up with him on the eve of his appearance at Reeperbahn Festival to find out more...

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Kiasmos In The Spotlight!

August 25, 2014 at 3:48pm

Kiasmos have been garnering well-deserved attention from the world's music press, and rightly so; consisting of superstar composer Ólafur Arnalds and Faroese maverick Janus Rasmussen, the mastermind of the electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup, this act was always going to be something special. They've been hitting the festivals, but 2014 was their year to go deep, get in the studio and work on that all-important debut album, exploring, as they put it, "the area in-between Ólafur’s more acoustic, piano-based solo work and Janus’s synth-heavy electro pop." With their album pending (to be released on October 27th) we thought it was high time we pinned the chaps down for an interrogation. They told us all sorts of interesting things, and also revealed that Ólafur is busy working on a score for the new series of 'Broadchurch' (his music for the UK series won the composer a BAFTA earlier this year). How DO they do it all? Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kiasmos, a truly cosmic collaboration...

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